Keto at Restaurants List


A Definitive Guide To Eating Out On The Keto Diet


Check out all of our comprehensive guides below for eating keto at restaurants.

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An in-depth guide of the best keto options at Chick-fil-a. You’ll know exactly what to order each and every time. Spoiler alert, it includes chicken.

Keto At Chick Fil A Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images



In this article, we cover the best keto options at McDonald’s. Forget the burgers and fries, we’re making eating out here easier than ever!


Eat keto, eat fresh! In this article, we cover the best keto options at Subway. Don’t just limit yourself to sandwiches. We’re going in-depth on the tastiest breadless items Subway has to offer.


Jimmy John’s

Learn how to to eat keto at Jimmy John’s in a “freaky fast” amount of time. If you don’t know what an Unwich is, you’re about to learn in this article and see just how they can help your keto lifestyle.

Jimmy John's LogoCredit: Wikimedia


Eating keto at Panera has never been simpler! We show you the best items to help you stay in keto. Here’s a hint; none of them have bread.


Going to a sushi restaurant while on keto can be a difficult task. Learn the best items to order for a delicious AND keto-friendly meal with our Keto Sushi guide.

keto sushiCredit: Vicente Canales